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“Can you date in a pandemic?” We hear that a lot. Our response: Absolutely. We think this is a great time to date. What better way to get to know someone slowly and safely… when life is really real.

Some of you may not know, but we planned to launch Match Me Cards® on March 10, 2020. On March 9, the information in the news was clear, times we’re about to change. Dramatically. So, we paused our launch plans and listened. We weren’t sure how we would move forward in a time of quarantine and social distancing.

Digital Dating Cards Make Matchmaking Easier and Safer During the Pandemic

After several brainstorm meetings, we made the decision to expand our product line. What was once designed to be a set of printed cards, would now include a digital dating card that users could safely and easily text, email, or post to their network. All printed card orders would automatically include this with no change in price, and we also added a digital-only option.

I’m proud of our team for making that change… and each minor and major shift we’ve made during this time. Our top priority has always been to provide people with a better way to date by creating an offline dating tool that is empowering, time-saving, and brings people together in more meaningful ways.

Can you date in a pandemic?

In that spirit—and given that this year has been challenging in many ways—we wanted to do something special for our community, which is why we’ve decided to make our Digital Image Card-only option free through the end of the year.

Digital Image Cards are now free w/ code RECONNECT
Absolutely no purchase necessary… because singles deserve some extra love in 2020. Offer ends 12/31/20.

We hope you or someone you know can take advantage of this opportunity!


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