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So you’re fully vaccinated (or really close!) and would love to start dating again. But how do you get back into dating post-pandemic? You may feel differently about dating than you did before the mask-wearing-social-distancing era, and maybe even a little anxious. Don’t worry, you weathered 2020—you got this. Here are some helpful tips to get back into dating as COVID-19 recedes into your rear view.

1. Talk about what you want.

It’s important to be able to define what you want as you begin dating again. Practice by talking to your friends and family about the type of person you’d like to meet. Be specific with traits that are important to you… and be thoughtful about what does and doesn’t matter. Is being messy truly a deal breaker? 🙂 Make it a conversation by asking them to ask you questions.

2. Give the thumbs up to be set up.

What better way to connect than through a mutual acquaintance. Give your network the OK to introduce you to people they know. Creating a personalized dating card can help with that. Sharing your cards with close friends is a great place to start, but also think about trusted acquaintances like colleagues, coaches, family, friends of friends, etc.

3. Make friendly plans.

One of the benefits of taking your dating game offline is less screen time, but you’ll still need to dedicate time to connecting with people IRL. Be proactive by inviting friends to an outing, each with a +1, so you can practice meeting and having conversations with new people. Think beyond just drinks here. We suggest more engaging experiences like these group date ideas from Elite Daily.

How to get back into dating

4. Dress like everything is a date.

No matter where you’re going, or with whom, take a little extra time to communicate your personality through your appearance. No more sweats! Make it a priority to carve out space to care for yourself. Build in time, turn on some tunes, and have an all-about-you moment. It’s not vain, it’s self-love.

5. Create a dating habit.

Just like grocery shopping, or exercise, form a weekly habit around dating. Be your biggest fan and challenge yourself to share your dating card with a certain amount of people each week. Check in with your matchmakers occasionally to see if they’ve encountered anyone new recently. It’s also a gentle reminder for them to keep an eye out for you.

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Here’s to happier dating!

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