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Our Story

Dear Friends,

Dating doesn’t suck. The way we’ve been dating does.

Yes, online dating has many drawbacks. For me, it’s the amount of time it requires. Like you, I have a busy life. I am a business owner, dog mom, friend, daughter, sister, cousin, neice, volunteer, and then there are my day-to-day roles: housekeeper, cook, dog walker, physical trainer, handywoman, gardener… you know, all the things.

So for me, free time means filling up on life’s good stuff… hiking with my dog or catching up with loved ones; not swiping a screen or messaging with strangers. Which is why I dropped off online dating, but promised myself that I would keep my head up, smile, and engage in the real world. Maybe I could meet a guy there? Problem was, most men I met IRL weren’t single. So, plan C.

Looking for a new way, I thought a lot about how we are really good at celebrating people once they’ve coupled up—we have parties and presents for all the milestones—but there’s not much support for people in the solo stage. Then an idea came: let’s take a village approach to dating. Let’s connect people with people we actually know. Let’s bring back matchmaking!

Fueled by my past frustrations and disappointments, I knew this was something I needed to explore. If there was a way to change the culture around dating and the tools available, I could help myself, but even better, I could help others feel more empowered and optimistic about their own dating lives.

Now that Match Me Cards® is a reality, I feel a sense of excitement each time I give a friend or acquaintance my card. I have my time back, and I have support from people I trust. Because the truth is, our people know us a lot better than any dating app; we just needed an easy way to enlist their help.

Here’s to happier dating!


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